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Center Acesur - Jabalquinto (Jaén)

Jabalquinto (Jaén) plant is devoted to the drying process of the waste and extraction of olive oil residue. 


Surface and storage:

  • Total surface of the plant is 33 hectares.
  • Storage capacity of the waste can be up to 460.000 m³ in six tanks.
  • Storage capacity of 1000 tons of dried oily waste.
  • Storage capacity of 7000 tons of biomass (seed) in exterior storage.

Equipment and Machinery:

  • Drying unit with three dryers with the capacity of drying 700 tons of waste per day.
  • Cogeneration plant with gas natural turbines providing 14MW of electrical energy per hour. Exhaust gas are used for drying waste so by avoiding the use of fuel in the process, pollution is not generated.
  • Extraction Plant, capacity for 1,550 tons of wet oily waste per day.
  • Deseeding plant for 100 tons per day.


  • Processed Wet waste                                     187.253.570 Kilos
  • Total amount of Extracted residue-oil                1.245.940 Kilos
  • Total amount of Dried Oily waste produced         52.160.000 Kilos
  • Total amount of seeds                                    6.902.000 Kilos




Jabalquinto (Jaén)
Carretera Bailén-Motril N-323, km 11,6
23620, Jabalquinto (Jaén)
Phone: 91 521 96 72
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