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Center Acesur - Tarancón (Cuenca)

The factory of Tarancón (Cuenca) is located within an 18-hectare plot at kilometre 80,200 N-III. This is a plant of crushing of olive pits for the production of oil, it mainly processes sunflower in its two varieties Linoleic and High Oleic.


Surface and storage

  • Plant of 18 hectares.
  • Reception and weighing.
  • Download and collection of samples.
  • Cleaning and drying of the seed. (Aprox. 2.000 Tons per day).
  • The storage of seeds. (Approx. 40,000 Tons).
  • Storage of crude oil. (9,000 Tons).
  • Warehouse of flour. (4,000 Tons).
  • Storage of refined oil. (3,000 Tons).
  • Oil plant.
  • Lecithins plant.

 Equipment and machinery:

  • Cogeneration plant with a capacity of 21 MWIt has two engines Wartsila. The engines are used in the factory for several processes (drying, refinery etc.) with distilled water, hot air and steam.
  • Biodiesel plant with a capacity of 66,000 tons/year. The technology is AXENS (company belonging to the French Institute of petroleum) is called Esterfih-HIt is a totally clean, innovative and unique technology, on the other hand environmentally it does not produce waste disposal, since the only residue that has is the catalyst that being solid reactivates can be reused. It also differs from the rest of the plants in which Glycerin emerges directly from the process which produces an approximate 97 or 98% of purity.


  • Extraction (250 tons/day of sunflower seeds).
  • Grinding. (with a capacity of 360 tons/day of sunflower seeds, or 300 tons/day of rapeseed, or 200 tons/day of crushed grapes pips).
  • Refinery. (160 Tons per day of refined oil).

The factory is finally completed with a central laboratory equipped with everything you need to do 50,000 analyses per year (samples of seeds of sunflower, intermediate processes, water, crude and refined oils, flours, etc.) a workshop equipped to perform the tasks of maintenance and arrangements in all factory and a building of offices (management, technical and commercial direction).



Tarancón (Cuenca)
Carretera Madrid-Valencia, km 80,2
16040, Tarancón (Cuenca)
Phone: 969 327 380
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