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(11-02-2016) Acesur will be present at Gulfood (Dubai) between 21st and 25st February, this being the most important agricultural event in the Middle East and one of the largest in the world. We will be displaying our main brands at stand SG5, namely La Española, Coosur, Al Amir Guillén, along with other established brands we have in the region, such as Al Amir and Altivo.

La Española will also display its latest products, namely its new sprays for exportation, rice oil and extra virgin olive oil for children, which has with a less intense flavour, ideal for children just beginning to try olive oil. Furthermore, our brand Emoc will have its own area in the Pavilion of Syria to display Afrinola's products

The Acesur-De Prado olives will also play an important role as these are becoming more important in international markets.

At Gulfood there will also be the biggest display of products and information related to the Halal market, with more than 800 certified providers and two days of conferences.

(4-11-2014) "Acesur markets olive oil in a way that combines experience and tradition with efficiency and innovation"

The over ten years that Miguel Colmenero has been working in the export department of Acesur, have helped him gain a thorough knowledge of the international market.
Holding a key position as is that of Export Manager, he is responsible for coordinating the commercial work of the Area Managers and managingvitalexport accounts reporting to international management. In the following interview, he undertakes for us an analysis of the main challenges faced by Acesur in foreign markets.

If you were to compare a snapshot of Acesur when you first joined the company with a snapshot taken of it today, what aspects would you say have changed?
Since I joined Acesur in April 2003, it has undergone a striking change. In addition to its obvious growth in size, new internal structures have been put in place, which have allowed it to successfully adapt to the challenges it has had to face. Insofar as the international division is concerned, I would say that in 2003 we were an export company who aspired to become international. On the other hand, today we have overcome the challenge of internationalization and our goal is to achieve an optimal degree of globalization. There is still much room for improvement, this has only just begun, but I believe we have a solid base and clear goals.

Outside Spain, what in your view are the main commercial advantages of Acesur's products?
Acesur markets olive oil in a way that combines experience and tradition with efficiency and innovation represented by a cast of powerful brands and an open, competitive, and attractive business strategy.

In such a dynamic, changing, and competitive market, what are the main threats to cooking oil sector?
We have yet to achieve a proper and rational structuring of the prices of raw material. There is still too much uncertainty and too much speculation and this erodes both the purchase and the sale of the product. On the other hand, olive oil was almost unique in enjoying the "healthy" label, however, there are now new oils appearing on the market such as canola, rice bran, or grape seed oil that are being positioned as healthy alternatives to the olive oil and which are often more competitively priced.Regarding the Spanish sector, we still have a lot of work to do to position Spanish origin as a supreme quality indicator, especially in the Anglo-Saxon markets where Spanish providers are entrenched in the ranks of own brand products but it is still taking far too much effort to introduce our own named brands.

In your time at Acesur, what has provided you with your greatest professional satisfaction?
Probably our market building in Australia where, having started from scratch, we are now absolute leaders and have a very important brand presence.

You have a deep knowledge of the Chinese market. What are its main features?
China is an exciting market, full of challenges but also of unknowns. The market perfectly reflects the local culture and the Chinese business mentality. You have to understand them and assess their level of commitment, which is often lower than it might appear.

How, in general, do you think Acesur is perceived in the international market?
I believe we are a leader in our field.We generate confidence, reliability, and commitment.Today there are many companies, which can offer good quality at a good price, but not all of them show their customers the depth and dedication, which we do. I think, in many cases, that is what makes them choose us.

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