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The Oil

The oil is much more than a product. It is the representation of a culture that was born in the Mediterranean and that has been exported to all over the world as a synonym for quality of life. 

In ACESUR we work with the best olive oil which is obtained from the exclusive olives that are grown in Andalusia. We know the product better than anyone, and that is why we enrich it by offering this single ingredient in various forms and flavors. 

It is demonstrated that the consumption of olive oil is beneficial to health. In ACESUR we are pleased to see that we have been dedicated to the production of olive oil for more than a century and half. Today olive oil is one of the main healthy sources and one of the most appealing ingredients to the palate. This is because olive oil is unique for its natural properties as well as its taste.


Benefits of this golden liquid...

It is the only vegetable oil that can be consumed directly raw. It has a clear biological flavour, and its tissues need lipids for the development of its activity.

Antioxidants present in Virgin olive oil protect against oxidation of LDL to a greater extent than refined oil. It also helps to prevent atherosclerosis and its risks by improving the functioning of the stomach and pancreas as well as the Hepato-biliary and intestinal level.

It has a protective and tonic effect on epidermis, it improves metabolic functions and it stimulates growth and absorption of calcium and mineralization of the skeletal system. Furthermore it is specially recommended for children and the elderly for its vitamin E content.


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