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Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has extended as an alimentary pattern all over the world. Many studies show and prove the benefits of this diet, which is becoming the most recommended diet worldwide. This diet is based on olive oil which is probably the most emblematic European product.

This diet includes fruit, vegetables, legumes, cereal, poultry meat and fish, a moderate consumption of red wine and olive oil as the main grease. It has been proved that it is possible to reduce the risks of suffering cardiovascular diseases, as well as hypertension or diabetes. Olive oil and blue fish are the main antidotes to prevent coronary diseases. In fact, there is no therapeutic diet which advice against the consumption. In the contrary, most diets highly recommend these food ingredients because they are unquestionably beneficial for the body.

On November 16, 2010, UNESCO recognised the Mediterranean diet as the Heritage of Humanity. This is not only a name given but also a nutritional guideline, a lifestyle that brings together customs, values, and the countries of the Mediterranean basin, and other faraway countries , that share this fundamental element in its gastronomy.



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