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In the last year of the project, Acesur and the entities that make up the PHENOILS project consortium ( CSIC- Instituto de la Grasa-Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, German Technological Center Fraunhofer, University of Turin and the Portuguese company Energy Pulse Systems) will test, on an industrial scale, the promising innovative technologies applied for the treatment of olive paste. All this, as a previous step to the beating operation in the extra virgin olive oil extraction process.


It is planned to carry out the extractive tests with the new technologies, with varieties of native olives from the locations selected for study (RIS zones), just as it has been done in the previous years of the project.


In this way, PHENOILS, in addition to working on the development of new, more sustainable and profitable extraction technologies, is getting even closer to the goal of obtaining healthier extra virgin olive oils, if possible, with a high content of polyphenols. With unbeatable biological properties for health when the product is regularly consumed, they provide preventive effects in some relevant diseases such as diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular diseases, scientifically proven through a multitude of trials and scientific studies present in the bibliography.


Both the results obtained, as well as the improvements expected by these new technologies, will continue to be disseminated in various university and technological training centers, thus bringing scientific knowledge in this matter closer to producers, operators and students of the international olive sector in RIS countries, such as Italy, Spain, Greece. In addition, as a new contribution in this year, it is intended to develop these dissemination actions also in Croatia.


PHENOILS promotes advancing and transferring the extractive innovations developed to the olive sector, consolidating a technological leap in the sector in terms of quality and economic profitability of the EVOO production processes.


After reaching its total manufacturing capacity and being 100% operational, the official inauguration of the Acesur bottling plant in Suffolk (Virginia) had not been able to take place until now. It is the first plant of the group in the United States, where Acesur has a relevant strategic position, with five warehouses: California, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Florida and the operational commercial office in New York since 2012.


The event was attended by Gonzalo Guillén Benjumea, general director, Juan Ramón Guillén Prieto, president, and Sergio Antón García, international director, who were accompanied by the entire Acesur North America team.


Gonzalo Guillén was satisfied with the opening: "We are very happy to be part of the economic engine of Suffolk (Virginia) and looking forward to growing both the business and the local economy." For his part, Sergio Antón highlighted the following: “this is an excellent location for a business like ours. Virginia's three ports give us easy access to the Northeast and Southeast."


Michael Duman, Mayor of Suffolk, acted as host for the entire Acesur team: “It is a privilege to have Acesur in Suffolk as a collaborator of the prosperous food industry of our city. On behalf of Suffolk, I congratulate Acesur for the work done to get this facility operational and I appreciate the continued investment and jobs created by Acesur." Along with Duman were the Deputy Mayor, Leroy Bennett, and Councilman Don Goldberg, responsible for Extenda in the United States or responsible for the port of Norfolk, among other local personalities.


The plant has a packaging capacity of 40 million liters per year, having foreseen in its design the expansion if necessary, with four packaging lines, which will soon be increased by a fifth, intended for catering formats. The industrial plant has a fully equipped laboratory for the analysis of olive oils in the United States, seeking to be a quality benchmark in the American oil industry, with certificates from the main quality seals (FS, BRC, IFS, USDA…). In addition, it is committed to sustainability in all processes and energy efficiency, including a 100% recyclable PET container blowing plant as well as a modern logistics platform to cover the coast from the United States and a large air-conditioned warehouse for all oil qualities.


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